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This is our core fundamental service.

Whilst there may be a number of search agents in London who specialise in finding property, there are very few who go far beyond that initial stage. We understand that the process of buying is made up of many factors each of which require enormous care and attention to detail – deciding what to buy, ensuring your position is strong and your requirements are met, finding the best property possible and ensuring that it is acquired quickly and at the best possible price. Fundamentally achieving this is dependent on many factors. Any break in this process can render the search invalid and it is for this reason why the majority of serious buyers end up dejected and stall their search by months or even years.

Our aim is simple: We want you to buy the best property you can, at the lowest price, with the least stress so you can move in relaxed and happy, without having to waste hundreds of hours researching the market, conducting pointless viewings and falling prey to the innumerable hurdles that exist within each transaction. Buying or investing in a property is a major life decision and we feel that it should be made as simple and pleasant as possible.

Our Process

Once we have met with you to discuss your requirements, our next step is ensuring you are in the strongest possible position before going to the market. If you have something to sell, we begin here first. We work alongside a small selection of the City’s most reputed independent mortgage advisors helping to arrange finance if necessary. Because we are completely independent, we choose to only work with independent brokers giving you access to the entire range of the market’s financial products free of biased recommendations. If you are a cash purchaser we take necessary steps so we can present you in the best possible light to agents and vendors.

Once we have understood your requirements in detail, we distribute them to our vast network of contacts, agents and consultants whilst personally viewing each property that may be suitable. As many of the finest properties will not hit the open market or be advertised online, we prioritise the search accordingly to view these first. Once we have identified the best properties available, we will discuss these with you in detail. Once you have found the perfect property, we will negotiate aggressively on your behalf to acquire the property at the best possible price and with the most favourable conditions. In any competitive environment, we work to ensure you are chosen as the preferred buyer.

Once your offer is accepted, we will then work alongside your solicitor to iron out any legal issues before proceeding with exchange of contracts and completion. This is the most difficult and stressful part of the entire buying process and where you will benefit the most for our experience and relationships with the industry’s top solicitors.

Our service does not stop when we hand you your keys. Post completion, we can help you with renovation, development and extending your property, lease extensions, planning applications or even finding you short-term or long-term tenants.